Fans of today, supporting tomorrow
Ensuring the future support of Newcastle United.

Fans of Today Supporting Tomorrow

Throughout the eventful, sometimes turbulent history of Newcastle United there has been one constant: the support of the fans.

A junior wing of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust can help cement the support of current young fans and generations of the future by encouraging youngsters in the region to make Newcastle United their team of choice.

Building an affinity for the local football club at an early age, can have wide ranging benefits for both the children and the Club, as well as increasing a sense of pride for the local community.

Through the fully inclusive JUST Newcastle, the NUST can unlock the potential support of young fans and instil in them the good values needed to be Newcastle United supporters.

JUSTNewcastle Aims

  • Ensure the future support of Newcastle United is strong
  • To bring quality coaching to youngsters around the region including free coaching to more deprived areas.
  • Encourage young fans to attend St James’ Park and support the team.
  • Educate young fans about the Club’s history and defining values.
  • Promote a sense of community, civic pride and responsibility in young fans that will lead to wider positive social outcomes
  • JUSTNewcastle will promote community, equality and diversity.